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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

Gorgeous mermaid story



Watch!: And when you started out, there were almost no Asian-Americans on TV. Now you’re Watson. The TV my Asian-American daughter grows up watching will be very different than what I grew up watching.
Lucy: It is significant, and I think we still have a long way to go. It is good that you’ll have to explain to her that when Daddy was a teenager, there wasn’t anybody like her on television. People say I’m a pioneer, but I don’t recognize it because I’m still living it. Maybe on my last breath if they name a street after me in the city, I’ll say, “Wow, I made a difference.” Right now, it doesn’t feel like it. [x]

Lucy Liu in the October 2013 edition of Watch! Magazine

That moment when Lucy Liu shut down Hollywood patting itself on the back for racial progress before they even started reaching their hand back.

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A compilation of Edward Gorey and his rather gothic poems and illustrations. 

Check out his dark children alaphabet illustrations

Well that was disturbing in a nice way

like the darker more twisted version of Shel Silverstein 

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It’s a dangerous feeling when no one but your pillow has time for your tears


Footage from the Kanye West - Wheelchair controversy that the media is going around saying that he is forcing cripples to stand in his shows…

As you can see here, it is complete bullshit… and the media is trying to control you, just like what Kanye has been trying to tell everyone over the last year.

Please spread this video around tumblr. Let’s give Kanye a good name.

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